Maker Faire Vienna

Meet the Makers

10001fern.sehen STAND 227

From paper robots to electric ties - the 10001 Gallery features products, art editions and kits for Maker fans big and small. As media artists, we develop products that spring from our Library 10001.

10x10x10 RGB-LED-cube STAND 215

LED cube with 1000 RGB light-emitting diodes, i.e. 3000 physical Led’s, programmed in machine language/assembler of the microcontroller AT Mega128.

3d times more knowledge STAND E39

At our booth of the Austrian Society for 3D Printing this year we want to present the possibilities of knowledge transfer in 3D printing, current projects in 3D printing and solutions in the field of sustainability.

3RS-Right Information For Right Role In Right Time STAND 223

Without Communication is no understanding, without understanding is no trust, without trust is no success. Model Driven solution help to reach the point of common understanding earlier. Start-up, SME, Corporation can benefit from better collaboration.

50 years of PONG, the first successful videogame of the world STAND 214

Replica of the original circuit (no computer!) of the world’s first commercially successful video game in transparent construction as technology to touch and learn and play.

5axismaker 5 axis cnc machine STAND 115

5-axis CNC milling machine with interchangeable attachments 3D printing and milling with one machine!

Adriatic GreenLab STAND 105

Can big global social problems be solved from a remote island in the Adriatic Sea? The Adriatic GreenLab thinks that the answer might be ‘Yes!’. The initiative is bringing together citizens to work on affordable and inclusive solutions.

Aerospace Team Graz STAND 220

The Aerospace Team Graz, 75 students of the University of Techn. Graz, present their self-developed 3.5m long rocket. It is designed to transport mini satellites to an altitude of 3km by means of solid propulsion. The landing is done with parachutes.

All* kinds of Makers* STAND E02

All* kinds of Makers* / Todos* los tipos de Creadores*/ Tous* les types de Créateurs* / Alle* Arten von Machern*/ 各种类型的创造者 / Todos* os tipos de Criadores* / सभी* प्रकार के निर्माता* / Tutti* i tipi di Creatori* / Alle* soorten Makers* / あらゆる種類のメーカー / Tüm* türlerde Yaratıcılar* / Wszystkie* rodzaje Twórców* / جميع* أنواع الصناع*

Amalettomat V2 STAND 207

Automatic Crêpê Machine (new version!)

Andis Arancini STAND H02

The best Italian Streetfood. Crispy filled and fried Riceballs.

Andreas Joska-Sutanto STAND E61

CARDEMONIUM - A Kickstarter card game, mini prints from an open source 3D printed press, the “Kein Mampf” project and many more weird things await you here! Shamona!

Anne Hermine - Recycling&Upcycling STAND E14

Anne Hermine - Recycling&Upcycling gives coffee packaging a second life. We make wallets, laptop cases, backpacks and many more bags from this robust material.

Art of Glass STAND E35

Lovingly handcrafted, unique individual pieces are created for the living and garden areas - including glass angels, soul birds, sun catchers, garden stakes, and much more. At the HANDS-ON booth, you have the opportunity to create a small piece of glass art yourself.

AURAPOL - 3D Filament manufacturer STAND E12

The Czech company AURAPOL supplies reliable and well-printable 3D filament.

Austrian Patent Office STAND 201

You want your idea to stay your idea - we at the Austrian Patent Office will help you. We also have games at our information stand at the Maker Faire and you can have a lot of fun with the trademark and patent quiz.

Automated solar house STAND 102

Automated solar house model with solar cells, arduino and sensors. Controlling temperature, door opening, lights.

BadBorg Industrial STAND 114

BadBorg Industrial is a design studio from Zagreb that produces cyberpunk/postapocalyptic jewelry, gadgets and fashion accessories.


BIOPLAnet is a project for STEM promotion with the aim to rise awareness about circular economy and responsible use of resources to lower impact on our environment.

brewce: Brewing Beer with Android, Zephyr and Thingsboard STAND E66

brewce is a hobby beer brewing setup based on an Android smartphone. The smartphone connects to home-brewed electronics (sensor, cooker and pump) via Bluetooth Low Energy and controls the mashing process.

Bristlebot DIY STAND K02

A toothbrush head vibrates, causing the bristles to function as legs. A technical abstraction of the walking behavior of multipedes creatures.

Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W) STAND 206

The Chaos Computer Club acts at the junction of technology, society, art and net-politics. We strive for free knowledge transfer, accessibility and having fun hacking devices.

Circular futures in smart villages! STAND 228

Our motto is repairing the future together. The Mitmachregion Südburgenland and the FabRegion Südburgenland develop visions for the transformation to a circular economy. “The rural area is the place of radical change” Rem Koolhaas

City Games Vienna STAND E07

FREE THE VIENNESE FROM THEIR GRUMPINESS! The fun scratch card monster hunt for family and friends! Discover cool monsters in the city and find out what they are hiding!

Climate scale challenge: Discover your own contribution and solution to global warming in a playful way on the model STAND 238

Cards with alternatives for heating, electricity, mobility & nutrition are weighted with annual CO2 equivalents 1:2000. Current and possible behaviours are put on the climate scales. Extended to a life and all people the climate effect is visualized.


Whether made of metal, wood, plastic, acrylic glass or composite materials:

With the Formgiver you can create high-precision parts in top form.

CNC for everybody STAND 240

CNC machine building as a Hobbie.

Croatian schools' cooperatives STAND 243

School cooperatives operate in schools and special educational institutions as only manufacturing extracurricular activities. Concrete production work is taking place in the cooperatives, products that have useful and market value are being created.

daisy chain oddities - for nerds of all flavours STAND E30

daisy chain oddities makes wooden home decor and jewellery for nerds of all flavours

Define – digital equipment for inclusive empowerment STAND 202

We design new forms of digital and inclusive collaboration. In our maker course, blind and visually impaired participants develop their own Braille remote control in Makerspaces.

Die Möbelei STAND E50

You can find at out stand DIY Articles, Chalk Paints, Stencils, Oils, Waxes and much more!

DIY Flight Simulator Instruments for Home Cockpits STAND 212

Realistic Gauges for Home Cockpits deploying an innovative concept. Instead of conventional Gauges each requiring an USB connection or wire harness, in the presented system, all Gauges are connected by a two-wire system to a single controller.

DIY meets Labor STAND 241

In a fascinating experiment, adults and kids find out about the pH of apple juice and baking soda. Besides red cabbage juice, they get to use DIY lab equipment, built by Happylab, including a magnetic stirrer, a pH meter and a test tube rack.

DIY Micro-production and Wireless Sensors STAND 222

The central element is the micro-production line, featuring a DIY pick and place machine. Visitors are invited for a hands on experience. A second booth section presents a range of home automation devices and sensors (think HomeAssistant).

Edita Rosenrot Accessories STAND E33

“From Vienna With Love” is a jewellery collection inspired by art nouveau and the golden domes and green patinated roofs of the city. Every piece is made by hand using fire and chemistry on brass to create a unique vintage finish on modern shapes.

Educational mobile robot STAND 106

This is a fully 3D printed educational mobile robot. The robot can be used for educational purposes or just for fun. The idea behind it is that it can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as cargo transport or line tracking. It is also Arduino-compatible.

EduMakerSpace Favoriten STAND 211

MakerSpace for teachers and students in the 10. district of Vienna, workshops, open Friday, mobile makerspace.

Eevi Gardens - Nutrify Your Diet STAND E37

At Eevi Gardens, you’ll discover easy-to-use indoor gardens that provide fresh and nutritious leafy greens, herbs and microgreens all year round in your city apartment. With our support it’s a simple way to keep a sustainable & healthy lifestyle.

eHaJo - electronic solder excercises STAND E44

eHaJo – almost an inventory at the Maker Faires: At our booth, people are again soldering like crazy, chatting about electronics and there are also YouTube autograph cards from HaJo again!

Electronic Geocache, Uselessbox & Co. STAND E48

At this stand I present my electronics projects: an electronic gadget geocache, an Arduino-controlled Uselessbox, a claw machine and more. You can also operate many of them interactively!

EMoPedelec (the missing link between bicycles) STAND E41

EMoPedelec - the e-bike with satellite-controlled speed change and using existing tool batteries

Engineering at FH Campus Wien STAND E18

Listen up, makers! FH Campus Wien is presenting project work and providing information about its degree programs: from electronics and computer science to mechanical engineering and robotics to hospital / medical technology and electromobility.

Espressomobil STAND H03

Delicious coffee, tasty hot choclate, chai latte and tea.

Exhibiting the work of FabLab Budapest's community STAND E59

Exhibiting the work of FabLab Budapest’s community

Exquisit Presents by MO.DESIGN STAND E28

Exquisit Presents in MO.DESIGN: MO.FANs: painted Fans MO.BAGs: transformed Canvas MO.BOOKs: handmade Books MO.BOXes: painted Wooden Boxes MO.TREASURE.BOXes: painted Stories in Wooden Boxes MO.DECO: painted Acrylic Glas

Fablab Slovakia STAND 225

Fablab Bratislava has been running a creative workshop for 9 years, not only focusing on digital technologies, but also incorporating manual skills. It emphasizes the concept of holistic innovative education, promoting the development of both digital and hands-on skills. STAND E63 is a Fab Lab and a small farm in Styria. It is dedicated to exploring new opportunities for rural communities combining new technologies and circular economy. Some areas of research are digital fabrication for farming and wool upcycling.

Feel Refill: Design shaped by responsible consumption STAND E37

Feel Refill is a sustainable furniture project of PROSTOR Studio that aims to make the process of garbage sorting more appealing. It’s a stool that saves space in your home and reminds you to bring deposit or recycled goods to the collection point.

FH St. Pölten - Smart Engineering STAND 216

Smart Engineering course at St. Pölten University presents digital production technologies from the in-house teaching and learning rooms. Find out how handcraft work will be transformed by the assistence of digital technologies in the future.

FH Technikum STAND 233

Franziska Neusser Jewelry STAND E58

Handmade glass beads jewelry in traditional technique of the Wiener Werkstätte of the Jugendstil in self- developed designs, as well as contemporary jewelry.

Free-Form Geometry in Architecture STAND 224

Free-Form parametric geometries bring new concepts to contemporary architecture. Physical models are the fundamental tool in design and architecture.

German Make: Magazin STAND 231

We are the editorial staff of the german Make Magazine and are looking forward to meet you at Maker Faire Vienna, wheter you are reader or author of our magazine or keen of becoming either one or the other.

Gewerbehof Seestadt - Vertical Manufacturing STAND 229

Want to start operations immediately without spending a lot of time and money on administrative procedures? Then Gewerbehof Seestadt is just the place for you! The commercial park boasts a general licence as an operational site, no matter whether you’re running a tailor’s shop, a confectioner’s, a plumbing firm or a carpenter’s workshop! In addition to affordable rental premises, the smart building offers outstanding conditions including straightforward logistics arrangements and communal areas to generate synergies through networking possibilities for companies. Discover more at this year’s maker fair and get in touch with the Vienna Business Agency’s experts.

Hakko soldering equipment STAND E43

A professional soldering workplace including optical inspection and fume extraction.

Hand.Werk.Stadt Mödling - Makerspace STAND E75

Since 2014, the HAND.WERK.STADT, as an open workshop, has offered all people from the Mödling region a place where they can develop craft skills and work in a craft across generations.

Handmade Treasures STAND 210

You are looking for unusual presents? I can offer you selfmade homedecor - houses, candles, decoration plates and sewn accessories

Happylab - Vienna's biggest makerspace STAND E37

Become a member of the Happylab community and realize your projects with laser Cutters, CNC milling machines, wood- and metalwork & & co. in Vienna’s biggest makerspace. Together with makers from our community, we show you what possible at Happylab!

Høsker the wearable chair STAND E37

Hosker the wearable chair. A seat, completely adapted to you. Here you get the DIY kit or even the incredible Høsker pants. With Hosker you have “Free choice of seat!” everywhere.

Industry meets Makers - prototypes that makers have developed in cooperation with industry STAND 230

Industry meets Makers is an open innovation format in which companies post challenges in future technology areas and invite makers to solve them together with them. At the station you can see and try out the latest project results.

Infineon for Makers STAND E42

You will find a wide range of information resources, a broad product portfolio and easy-to-use tools, including application boards, shields and 2Go kits – all designed to inspire and accelerate your design process.


We promise you the latest hot dog revolution with the freshest, most creative and delicious toppings.

kolibri-ds STAND E15

Upcycling, jewelry accessories and home accessories, hand made with love in Vienna

Lambie's Nightlight - STAND E60

A huggable night light that allows children to control the amount of light in the room can help them feel safe and secure, reduce fear of the dark and provide predictability and routine.

Laser Maze STAND E76

Test your stealth skills in our laser maze. Duck, jump and cover to reach the end of the parcour without triggering our very loud and annoying alarm. Everyone who beats our high tech security system will get a prize!

learn to code STAND 205

programming courses for children and adults. Realize your own ideas for a computer game or an app. Focus on the programming language Python and the game engine Godot. 100% FLOSS (Free/libre open Source Software).

Little houses for wild bees STAND E10

How to promote insects/wild bees in your own area (garden or balcony) correctly and sensibly.

MachLAB Kroatien STAND E09

Company MachLAB was created as a continuation of the association of the same name. From the beginning of 2016 until today, we have acquired more than a hundred satisfied customers and partners who request 3D printing, 3D modeling and laser cutting.

make music by yourself STAND 117

Play your own melodies and accompaniments without previous knowledge from the first minute with the help of the “visual theory of harmony”. For beginners and advanced of all musical styles.

make music by yourself STAND 118

Play your own melodies and accompaniments without previous knowledge from the first minute with the help of the “visual theory of harmony”. For beginners and advanced of all musical styles.

Maker Austria STAND 111

First and largest Maker Space in Vienna.

Maker Faire Sarajevo STAND 109

Maker Faire Vienna Bar STAND H07

Welcome to our Maker Faire Vienna Bar! Our professional team will spoil you with a wide selection of refreshing drinks, including non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, and delicious spritzers. In the midst of the exciting Maker Faire Vienna, you can relax and socialize with other visitors. We look forward to your visit!

Makers STAND

Makerspace FH Hagenberg STAND 245

Where dreams become hardware. Join us for a showcase of projects and repair café! Makerspace offers a collaborative workspace with (high-tech) tools & is open to all students of the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg & creative-minded people.

Marie-Antoinette STAND 209

Slicing sausages by hand is for boomers. Marie-Antoinette is the full automatic sausage slicing solution for all tech-savvy nerds who also order their breakfast via the internet.


MAYER MAKES demonstrates electronics projects made on the Youtube-channel Element14presents and showcases his own extremely tough 3D printing Material, MAYER MAKES Engineering Resin.

Merchandising - Maker Faire Vienna STAND E01

Get your souvenir from Maker Faire Vienna 2019!

MetaFunk OE1XMW - Communicate worldwide STAND 221

A playground for technology enthusiasts who dare to think outside the box - that is Amateur Radio for a hundred years. Our radio station shows the potential of hard- and software, free and open.

Metalab STAND 204

Metalab is a Hackspace right in the center of Vienna. At our space in the Rathausstraße 6 you can find a creative, cooperative and self organized community and space plus infrastructure for realizing your hard und software projekts.

Millie The Vintage Caravan STAND H04

We offer chilly, frozen yoghurt (lactose free) with home toppings, as well as fluffy hot waffles and rice pudding.


Wooden balance bikes for kids - sustainable, stylish, durable - everything else is just a bike

Mobile Planetarium and 360 projection STAND 108

Das mobile Planetarium mit Newton-Projektion bietet die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Themen auf einer 360-Grad-Projektionsleinwand zu präsentieren, von Astronomie über Drohnenfotos und -videos bis hin zu Unterwasserinhalten, die für alle zugänglich sind, die solche Inhalte nicht erleben können.

Model railroad from the 3D printer - PeterPlus STAND 244

Model railroad and other from the 3D printer as open source in teamwork.

Mr Beam Lasercutter STAND 232

Mr Beam Lasers is a Munich based company for desktop laseructters! With the Laserclass 1 and the Air Filter System the laser is ideal for an indoor use. Thousands of users inspire others daily by using the instagram hashtag #madewithmrbeam!

MSS Network STAND E20

The MSS Network records the ground motion in the Viennese Basin with self-built seismometers and visualizes it live on a homepage. We develop seismic hard- and software and share our seismological knowledge using experiments.

Musical Instrument Build - HWS Mödling STAND E73

Build your own Musical Instrument at HWS Mödling Maker Space

Nähsalon Nahtlos - do it yourself together STAND E04

In the Nähsalon Nahtlos you can get creative in the Sewing Workshop and Printing Studio. You can learn new techniques in workshops and courses.

Nerdy Derby // powered by Happylab STAND E38

Welcome at the Nerdy Derby - the car racing event for all nerds and people who want to become one. Build your own racing car in a few steps and compete agaist the others. We created the 8 m long racetrack with the CNC milling machine at Happylab Vienna.

nobufil GmbH - 3D Druck Filament STAND E62

Nobufil is the first Austrian sustainable 3D printing filament manufacturer with its own recycling and filament production.

OASYS - Grow your own food anywhere STAND E19

The OASYS tower allows anyone without much space, time, or a green thumb to grow their own food all year round. It can grow 24 plants at the same time. Enough to supply a small family with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits!

OeufOeufDesigns STAND 246

OeufOeufDesigns: Miniatures, Miniature Furniture and Room Boxes as well as custom made pieces in small scale

One-to-One STAND 236

We demonstrate selected problems people with disabilities face, and some simple solutions that improve lives permanently. Show your creativity at our ideacontest. The best ideas are awarded.

Open Closed Velomobile STAND E65

This is my take at building an energiyefficient, fully enclosed bicycle made of wood. All this with the help of a 3D printer and a CNC machine.

opensewing - textile upcycling & refashioning STAND 239

Let´s use swarm creativity to refashion a dress (or 2) collaboratively from vintage clothes in the workshop stall of opensewing. Helga is on the sewing machine. You design, together. Exploring the possibilities and joy of textile upcycling.

OpenStreetMap - The free map of the world STAND 234

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you. It can be used freely with an open licence. The map is extremely detailed and at some locations even surpasses the quality of commercial map vendors.

osVAC neo the universal connector for dust extraction STAND E40

Have you ever tried to connect one (or even different) sanders to a vacuum cleaner? It didn’t fit? The adhesive tape didn’t hold? This problem is solved by osVAC neo: a universal bayonet connection that always fits.

ÖVSV Radio technology, satellite transmission, long range low power data communication STAND 213

Projects of current developments with LIVE demonstrations: LoRa-MeshCom, Sat-QO-100, HAMNET radio network, worldwide analogue and digital voice networks IPSC. Development & DIY. Radio training and radio operation. radio competitions. EMCOMM.

Pastaheld STAND H01

Pasta made fresh daily is cooked to order and tossed in a large cheese wheel. The hot pasta absorbs the melted cheese. Enjoy your portion pure, with an aromatic oil or one of our homemade sauces.

Pen Plotter Art + Creative Coding STAND E31

Come visit a pen plotter at work, and see how you can use computer code to send to a pen plotter and be drawn using pens, pencils, highlighters, watercolor, or any tool you can fit into the robot.

Personal Robotics STAND E55

Personal Robotics aims to make modern robotics accessible to everyone.

Petja- shoemaking kit for making your own barefoot sneakers STAND E13

Our concept: Fun way of having your own healthy and comfortable barefoot sneakers with colours and width fitting of your choice… made by yourself out of our semiproducts and with a little help of our instructions.

plantedfoodtruckvie STAND H05

With our food truck, bite by bite, we want to reduce the negative impact of the traditional meat industry on our planet while providing healthy and tasty proteins in our meals.

plasticpreneur: Hands-on plastic recycling. STAND E26

With our small-scale plastic recycling machines, new products are created from plastic waste. Used in over 75 countries in prototyping, small series production and awareness-raising, new possibilities are created.

Pneumatic Injection moulding STAND E69

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Robot Factory Srl has projected and he produces pneumatic benchtop injection molding system, the injection system for recycled plastic molding, which uses compressed air to create pressure.

Press for cold pressing of oilseeds STAND 103

The cold press for oilseeds operates on the principle of compressing the mass inside its body using a spiral-shaped shaft that pushes the material being pressed forward. Oil obtained by cold pressing retains high nutritional values.

Printschnitzel STAND 217

3D printed Wrist Watch, MMU filament buffer and other 3D printing stuff

Prusa Research by Josef Prusa STAND 101

Prusa Research was founded as a one-man startup in 2012 by Josef Prusa. Now, there are more than 700+ people working in Prusa Research and we ship over 9000 printers worldwide directly from our HQ in Prague every month.

Quake-IP Quality Management in Production STAND 219

Measurement of metal parts for quality management in production.

Rad.Werk.Stadt for Ukraine STAND E72

Charity Project, mobility for refugees.

Rafek - Urban Backpacks STAND E25

I make original urban backpacks from recycling materials.

Repair-Network Vienna STAND E51

The Repair Network Vienna is a quality network of Vienna repair companies and DIY-partners who advocate for repair and re-use and jointly work towards for a more sustainable world.

Reseach, design, take things into your own hands STAND E23

How are craftsmanship, design & production changing throughout the “post-industrial” age? The Bachelor’s course Manual & Material Culture at NDU deals with, and redefines, the relationship between craft and design.

roadLAB - Vienna Museum of Science and Technology on the road STAND H10

The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) goes mobile, visiting schools and other educational institutions with an e-bus that is designed as a maker*space equipped with a 3D printer, laser cutter and much more.

Robot arm and all kinds of electronics STAND E47

At the stand “Robot arm and all kinds of electronics” you will not only see a humanoid robot arm against which you can play scissors, stone, paper, but also many other projects of mine. Feel free to drop by my stand!

Robotics and electronics projects STAND 226

Demonstrations of various robots designed and constructed by students.

Robotics fun with BlueBot and Dash STAND K01

Kids and teens can program their first robots. The younger ones use arrow buttons to tell BlueBot what to do, the older ones use four differrent apps on the tablet to program Dash.

ROOMING INN Artist Studios STAND 237

Non-profit art and culture association with the goal of making creative work more spontaneous and visible. We want to present our activities to the maker community and develop starting points for transdisciplinary cooperations.


We develop, design and build various functional parts and support projects in the production of prototypes, small series, special parts, with the latest technologies and know-how in the field of laser cut, 3D printing (FDM/SLA), CNC processing, …

Salon of Open Secrets STAND E03

Within an interactive animation you can access secret places, that are entangled with the future of technology. Where and how can people collaborate to create fair electronics? Through which new materials and ideas?

Sekawood: reclaimed wood - design and art STAND E74

Unique, handmade wood art, individually designed for your home and garden. Made from 100 % reclaimed wood: recycling/upcycling/reuse. Refined by fire with the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique.

Shaper STAND E11

Our handheld CNC router, Origin, allows you to cut 2D graphics into a variety of materials in no time. Thanks to the automatic spindle correction, even large-scale machining can be carried out with unimagined precision.


Our project “SHAUR*ROOM” present a unique street food experience. The dish SHAURma consists of a thin tortilla (LAWASCH), an unusual recipe, homemade sauce and many ingredients!

Sky360 UAP Tracking STAND 116

We are an open source platform for anyone interested in exploring aerial phenomena. Development of hardware and software for 24/7 recording and classification of events and installation of a global sensor network.

smart TopClass RC-travelbus STAND E64

Top-class RC model bus in 1:14 scale. In addition to prototypical driving, light and sound functions, our detailed model also has exciting µC-technology and sensors on board. We say: “Open the doors, come on board and be amazed”.

Solar bench model STAND 107

Fully 3D-printed solar bench model with lights, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery. Automated lights turn on when there is no sun.

Soldered Electronics STAND E21

Soldered Electronics is designing and manufacturing electronic makers products in the EU. Our Arduino-compatible boards, sensors, and actuators are used by hobbyists, educators, and professionals in microelectronics, mechatronics, robotics, and IoT.

Solderpunks e.V. STAND E45

Imagine your smartphone being biodegradable. Imagine all the old components are being reused. This is the topic we are dealing with: fair and sustainable electronics!

sona-design STAND E36

By combining recycling, new technology and craftsmanship, I create design products. My hand line is Use Used! until it’s completely destroyed and then throw it in the sorted trash. My work respects our planet.

Sophie Soufflé - Upcycling Design STAND E52

Sophie Soufflé brings back memories of days long gone with her upcycled products. Beautiful and exciting pieces of jewellery are made from stamps, typewriters, records and much more. Each one tells a story!

Spectrum - 3D printing filament manufacturer STAND E16

Spectrum Group Sp. z o.o. is a company focused on the production of materials for 3D printing (“filaments”) used in FDM/FFF 3D printers.

Stanzimade STAND E27

Stanzimade is a label that believes in colorful, practical and versatile products. Using vibrant fabrics and waxed cloth, they create bags for any occasion & style, from lunch bags to wet bags and cosmetic bags. Handmade with love in Austria.

STEMerica by STAND 110

Showcase of the STEMerica project funded by the European Social Fund, 2020-2023, with the aim to promote STEAM. Project included 40 events across the Croatia with PopUp Fablab and 10 interactive installations.

STiTCHKRAFT parts & crafts - Fair Fashion Made by Yourself STAND E05

Sewing for everyone. Do-it-yourself fashion made of high-quality, sustainably produced fabrics - you can find the materials and information you need in an accessible and entertaining way inside one of our compact DIY fashion kits.

Tech Hub Vienna STAND 208

We are a community of students and tech enthusiasts working together on technical projects.

Tech Inventor & Innovation Lab FH Wiener Neustadt STAND E08

Find out everything about the makerspace and the possibilities of studying engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt.

thaidoodles STAND E32

Visit us for jewellery made with real plants, hand-made pillows and stuffed animals, prints and a lot more!

the Hackerspaceshop STAND 203

Blinkenrockets, learn to solder, Workshops at schools

the Scientific Fablab of Triest, Italy STAND E70

Our fablab will showcase and demonstrate a DIY particle detector, a giant Arduino board for education, a laser-cut mechanical clock by Leonardo da Vinci, and many other small and big projects. We are also the organizer of Maker Faire Trieste.

The World Control Game STAND 113

The design board game @worldcontrolgame remixing Risik & Monopoly and featuring Twitter-Bot @MinisterVlatin

TipControl - the IoT toolbox STAND E17

TipControl is a software solution for IOT devices. In an intuitive software you are able to configure sensors and actuators quickly and easily create mobile applications for controlling.

TU Space Team STAND E54

We are a student association where we tinker with various aerospace projects: we build self-flying drones, satellites, liquid engines and rockets and take part in competitions with them.

Underground-Maker STAND E67

The “Underground Makers” are a private FabLab (father/son) where we build anything: Blackout coffee machine, camping box from an IKEA EKET, accessories for Amateur radio, solar air collector, gimmicks that come to mind spontaneously and much more.

UNIMAT - creative working with cool machines STAND K03

Make your own creative key chain with the UNIMAT woodturning machines – easy and childsafe. Creative working – what a fun! Keeps kids (all age groups) creative and promotes technical interest.

Unique Fountain STAND E22

The modern world closed us into boxes of our daily lives. But the nature—birds singing, water gurgling—we left behind. Unique fountains can bring it back closer to you, to your offices, to your homes.

Upcycling with cardboard scraps in Badala's Cardboardlab STAND K04

Sunday & Saturday 3pm workshop at the booth: Do you love design and beautiful objects? Then our workshop is the right place to be creative. We give many boxes a second life and transform them into fruit bowls, lamps or simply into beautiful objects for your home. +10 years

USound MEMS Loudspeaker and Demos STAND E49

USound is an innovative company that specializes in the production of MEMS speakers. At our booth, you can expect fun acoustic games and insights into the possibilities that this new technology can provide.

VHS KunstHandWerk: book your next crafting experience! STAND E24

The courses of the VHS KunstHandWerk focuses on crafting, DIY and 3D-printing. We proudly offer 300sqm of all different kinds of workshops in the center of Vienna.

Vietnam deli STAND H09

Discover and enjoy some of Vietnam’s best gastronomic street foods in a modern way. Fresh, authentic and homemade. That’s Vietnam deli!

Voice tricks STAND 235

Voice tricks show two projects playing with voice recognition systems. The first is a 2-player game with the objective of tricking the machine into not understanding you. The second is a device that “washes your mouth” when you curse.

VR Training Applications STAND 218

There are multiple VR Training Applications to test that have been developed in cooperation with industrial partners.

vrei / Virtual Reality Experiences STAND E71

The dream of flying? Here it becomes true! After only 2 min of explanation you start with the VR flight simulator in the compact motion seat/cockpit. With VR goggles that are state of the art. Or be creative - paint with light in a 3D VR Studio. Virtual reality exhibitions for makers STAND E57

Present yourself and your successes in your virtual world. Whether 2D or 360 degree images or 3D objects. Easy to design for everyone. And above all, spontaneous vernissages where text, voice and video chats are easily possible will inspire. STAND E53

Showing you alternatives for a zero waste lifestyle.

Werksalon Co-Making Space STAND E06

Open Woodshop, Community Studio and Workshops for Craft, Art and Design.

What is the Open Digital Product Pass & Challenges in measuring sustainable design with AI. STAND 112

The Open Digital Product Pass targets both end consumers and producers, and aims to make sustainable design holistically and automatically evaluable, thus becoming a tool for transparency in the circular economy.

Workstations STAND E46

Workstations ist eine Plattform zur Schaffung von Werkstätten, Freiräumen und Experimentierfeldern rund um Handwerk und Design, Architektur und Umweltgestaltung, für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene.

Wundergarten Verlag STAND E34

Der Wundergarten Verlag macht nicht nur moderne Reiseführer zu Wien und Umgebung, sondern hat mit den „Wiener Musterbüchern“ zwei ungewöhnliche Bücher für Papierliebhaber verlegt. Wer will, kann mit uns Schönes aus Papier gestalten.

Wunderwuzzi Robots STAND E29

Developed as a teaching tool for elementary school children to learn technical skills, the Wunderwuzzis offer an easy introduction to the exciting world of robotics. Once assembled, you can use it to race and much more!