Maker Faire Vienna


During the lecture program of Maker Faire Vienna international and local speakers will hold lectures about various topics concerning the maker movement.

Samstag, 03.06.2023

Samstag 11:00 - 11:25 Ing. Arnold Hübsch model railroad sound decoder 8/16 bit

can you expect any enhancement?

Samstag 11:30 - 11:55 Mihai Tudosie See What You Breath

Particulate matter and CO2 concentration are two characteristics of the air we breath-in every second. One poses risks for severe disorders, while the other has immediate effects. The talk will demystify the subject and show how it can be observed.

Samstag 12:00 - 12:25 Aleksandra Stankovic Gewerbehof Seestadt - Vertical Manufacturing

Samstag 12:00 - 12:25 Oliver Suchanek & Franz Steinbrecher MACH'S AUF! - Inclusive Maker and Hackspaces for Deaf people

The world of technology is dominated by able-bodied people & we feel that strongly as Deaf people: access is full of barriers. MACH’S AUF! is a research project that aims to provide this access.

Samstag 12:30 - 12:55 Dr. Marcel Krejc Sleep, the central source of vitality and health; Hygienic & Sustainable sleep.

Good sleep is THE central condition for a long and active life.

  • Sleep & Health
  • What happens in body & brain
  • Circular economy in mattresses
  • Clean and allergy free sleep
  • Hygiene in the mattress area

Samstag 13:30 - 13:45 Ales Zubak & Jozef Vasko Developing creativity and humanity in fablab and building fablabs in libraries in Slovakia

Experience with creative holistic education in fablab Bratislava and in Slovak libraries for all age categories. Developing digital and manual skills, social and intergenerational relationships

Samstag 14:00 - 15:25 Anna Greil Closing the Loop: clothes swapping app uptraded

Uptraded is a swipe & match clothes swapping app for fashionable variety, free and sustainably. Anna Greil (CEO of uptraded) talks about the story of the startup and how clothes swapping is meant to close the fashion loop.

Samstag 14:00 - 15:25 Helga Schmidt Join in: textile upcycling & refashioning

Helga from opensewing shows you different ideas of refashioning your old clothing and wants to encourage you to do it yourself.

Samstag 14:00 - 15:25 Konstanze Gruber & Thomas Forster re:flair develops circular sustainability campaigns with companies

We enable companies to recycle old, unused or unwanted materials with the help of partner designers and tailors.

Samstag 14:00 - 15:25 Resi Slow Fashion Visible Mending

Fix your garments in a visible and creative way - how it works and why it’s worth it

Samstag 15:30 - 15:55 Jørn Alraun Calliope mini - Prototype development on ISS and classrooms

The Calliope mini is used a lot in schools and now also on the International Space Station. How did this come about and what was done with the Calliope mini up there and, above all, what do schoolchildren have to do with it?

Samstag 16:00 - 17:30 Robert Poeck Happylab Maker Start-ups - From ideas to products - with MiniMOTOZ

Samstag 16:00 - 17:30 Hans-Henning Börstinger Happylab Maker Start-ups - From ideas to products with Eevi Gardens "Small but mighty: vertical indoor-gardening in the city apartment"

Based on my path to the 9-bed indoor garden, I describe the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of growing lettuce, herbs and vegetables at home and give practical examples to do it yourself. From salads over lemongrass to strawberries.

Samstag 16:00 - 17:30 Maria Levitsky & Daniil Chechin Happylab Maker Start-ups - From ideas to products with Feel Refill

Samstag 16:00 - 17:30 Lukas Winter Happylab Maker Start-ups - From ideas to products with Hosker

Samstag 16:00 - 17:30 Katrin Batko Happylab Maker Start-ups with TMBR Scooter - from the idea to the prototype of a wooden e-scooter

About ups and downs and insights into the process of building an e-scooter prototype. My learnings and experiences as a female maker.

Sonntag, 04.06.2023

Sonntag 11:00 - 11:25 Simon Huber Knowledge within Maker-Culture

If the potential of technical devices is measured by how they release individual creativity and empower self-activity, one loses sight of quiet moments in the creative process: e.g. what do I produce when I read?

Sonntag 11:30 - 11:55 Wolfgang Nake The fantastic world of electronic Charlie multiplexing

RGB LED cubes are an extremely lucrative and informative show element for living spaces and events. The lecture describes the aforementioned multiplex process, which enables low-cost making with amazingly simple circuit technology.

Sonntag 12:00 - 12:25 Saren Tasciyan Tinkering/Hacking for a biology research lab

A few projects with different approaches to aid life scientists in their work routine. Lot’s of 3D printing, electronics and software with a some bio (cancer) and social hacking. All projects come with a free of charge little background story.

Sonntag 12:30 - 12:55 Jakob Spoetl & Michael Reiter USound‘s new MEMS Technology feat. Moody plant

There is a short introduction about the company USound and what MEMS speaker technology means. Then, a talking plant is introduced which comes to life using MEMS speakers.

Sonntag 13:00 - 13:25 Liz Melchor Pen Plotting: How to Use a Drawing Robot to Make Art

Everything you need to know about pen plotting: digital file creation using creative coding, workflow for both AxiDraw and self-build machines, experimenting with materials and techniques, and community resources for further learning.

Sonntag 13:30 - 13:55 Peter König How to write for the german Make Magazine

Do you want to share your skills and projects to other makers in the community by writing about them in the german Make Magazin? You’r welcome! Learn how it works.

Sonntag 14:00 - 15:25 Thomas Maurer circular design - from waste to premium furniture

“Once used as a children’s bed or double bed, now they stand as design objects in Austria’s most beautiful buildings. We tell you about circular design and our mission: Showing that Upcycling is a statement.

Sonntag 14:00 - 15:25 Therese Balslev Circular design* strategies to prolong the lifetime of our products and materials

Sonntag 14:00 - 15:25 Mark Neuner & Marlene Lötsch / Mostlikely Architecture Common Space Circular Hub

The common space circular hub links the current resource problem with the cities creative potential. As an open incubator the circular hub provides access to new circular technologies.

Sonntag 14:00 - 15:25 Raphaela Egger Plasticpreneur: Hands-on plastic recycling.

Sonntag 15:30 - 15:55 Ing. Alexander Datzinger Sustainable innovation for 3D-Printing

Sustainability and quality do not have to be a compromise. How Nobufil GmbH develops and manufactures 3D-Printing Filaments from recycled plastics.

Sonntag 16:00 - 16:25 Leopold Zyka From FabLab to OpenEcoLab

OpenLandLAB is a FabLab in southern Burgenland. An innovative trimaran was created in the barn. Now we are becoming an OpenEcoLab. We are planning a mushroom farm, aquaponics, an AI-based insect monitoring and connect to the WOOD-WIDE-WEB

Sonntag 16:30 - 16:55 Christian Hirsch Zephyr RTOS: Das Mikrocontroller-Betriebssystem der Linux Foundation

The Zephyr RTOS a real-time operating system for microcontrollers and it is supported by the Linux Foundation. It can be used when Arduino hits its borders, but a full Linux-based system is still too extensive.

Sonntag 17:00 - 17:25 Ing. Martin Hilkersberger MHBus Managing of up to 250 Boards over one single wire

System Requirements Hardware and Software Basic functional principle of MHBus Real Life demonstration on some samples New opportunities for developers and makers e.g. From idea to finished product without soldering